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can i overlock my cpu
will my cpu in my signeture so tell me how to do itBiggrin dont get cheap with the waringsTongue

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By upping your fsb on your mobo. (prebuilts often don't give you the option to do so)
Note that this will also increase your ram speed so it will have to be up to the task.
Up the fsb in little steps (10 or so)
Clockspeed = fsb x multiplier.
Run prime95 for atleast an hour to see if you are running stable.
Up the fsb a little bit again and try the same again.
If it becomes unstable, up the cpu voltage a tiny bit. (for example 1.2 to 1.25, NEVER DO BIG STEPS) and try increasing the fsb again.
Note that higher voltage meens more heat wich is why an aftermarket cooler is required if doing a decent overclock.
Use HWmonitor to check the temperatures whilst doing prime95.
Always stay under 80 during the prime95 stresstest, preferably under 70.
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will that look very dengerous cpu heat up the cpu voltage more than complicated can simplete more
I tried about a week ago to up the FSB from 200 to 205 and it wouldn't boot up. lol
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This is actually the basic way for overclocking with few variables included.
It's not so dangerous if you remember to not up the voltage from lets say 1.2 to 1.5.
It might kill your cpu that way.
If it dies, it's due to heat, hence the aftermarket cooler
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well i dont know if my cpu coller up to the task it is old and dusty
better clean it up as best as you can and changing thermal paste is something that has low cost and can lower temps by a small amount (anything from 1-10 depending on your old paste)

also big (like going from 1.2 to 1.5 Tongue ) overvoltage can destroy the cpu whatever the temps its running
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Arctic silver 5 is good thermal paste.
Get a cheap aftermarket cooler like the cooler master Hyper 212+.
Stock cooling isn't able to handle the highter heat in general as they are just designed to handle stock temps.
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so do i clean it or what do i have to he was kiding about thatvoltage thing in the second one
theemal paste i dont know what youre talking about but there is adry thing over my cpu
It's not exactly kidding but that stuff will certainly not happen if doing the small steps.
Cleaning out your pc in general is something that has to be done once a month or so in old cases (modern cases often have dust filters to clean out instead)
This alone should lower your temps with quite a few degrees.

You put a tiny bit of thermal paste on top of your cpu, under the cooler.
About the size and thickness of a your big thumb nail in the middle (closest match i can find to explain)
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