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can someone create program for background picture for pcsx2
i would like to ask if somebody can create a easy program to change a background pics for the emulator becouse i allready taird of the original pic.
i want something new.
thanks for reading this thread.

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Just build your own custom version;].
If you're unable to build a custom pcsx2 version from the source, you could try some resource edtors, but have no clue nor reason checking if such would work. probably not;]. Changing background image can be also done as simple as with hex editor, this has a limitation through, the file size must be unchanged(meaning a png file smaller than 67.1KB as an limitation of such "method" ;]).

Anyway PCSX2 "background image" is more or less an ad of the logo\site;P, shouldn't really be easily changeable by every newbie that uses the emu to "stare at the main menu for his sick pleasure", the program must promote itself somehow;P.

Writing a program is useless for a person who could write one, couse he would had means of changing it for himself already and would probably be limited same as hex editing as you cannot just decompile pcsx2 executable;]. Moving the resource out of the executable will probably not happen in pcsx2 project as that's the only place it can keep it's logo in visible place.;P

Personally I love current logo, only other version, I'm using is the negative of it, just to see some variety from time to time.:]

in case anyone wonders how negative of the original looks:
thank u for the help. but can u be spesific how to do this with hex editor?
You can't hex editing pcsx2 because the image size must be 100% the same size as the original(to the list byte)

But if there is some magician that can do that,the logo in pcsx2 1.0.0 is stored between
0x00383A60 - 0x003946D9

Also,you can't edit the exe with exe editor because the image(and every element in the gui)is not added in the same way as the old gui so you can't edit menus\dialogs or logos
@vsub there's no need for magic the negative I posted was hex edited. It's like I said, file need to be smaller and be in png format. only that matters.

Here's a short guide as it bugs me when people call simple things "impossible"Tongue.

step 1:
Open pcsx2 executable in hex editor, and search for this array of bytes:
(which basically is the beginning of background png;].

step 2:
now create an png file with size LESS(yes could be exact, but making it exact is bothersome and NOT required at all) than 67.12KB (which is the original) could be even half of that value, it doesn't matter;], after creating it, also open it in hex editor. Also original png is 380x180 res, but you can make it different, only file size and format matters.

step 3:
Copy all bytes of the png file and check how much there are of them(personally I use hex workshop it shows that clearly)

step 4:
go to the result from the step 1 and select exactly same amount of bytes from the result adress, as the png file which you just copied has.

step 5:
paste it, save the exe(maybe to other name just in case you did something badly as that would corrupt your exe;]) and if everything was done right, run the pcsx2 by it and be happy with different image.

Here's something in case Ice Queen Zero wants to try xD ...
(Just an RGB <> GBR color swap of the original.)
*Moved to Chatterbox Wink
Hmm,yes,completely forgot about that.
But what about the rest of the addresses...replace with zeros or leave them like that?

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Just leave it, it doesn't matter.;P
Heres mine. Enjoy Smile

Magenta : Dark Pink Hue :-
[Image: attachment.php?aid=39774]

Yellow :
[Image: attachment.php?aid=39775]

[Image: recodersignature2.png]

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