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can you recomend a mobo and cpu thats cheap?
thinking about upgrading my motherboard and cpu but my budget is $145

i have a lot of ddr2 ram and would like to get a ddr2 motherboard
and an amd cpu

mainly for pcsx2 and modern games
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motherboard - $49.99

CPU - $94.99

this should do you good for a while, if you get that mobo make sure you update the bios not sure if CPU is supported out of the box but with bios update will be fine.

About best I could do with your budget.
i5 2500k @4.4ghz, Gigabyte P67-UD4-B3, DDR3 8GB, Gigabyte GTX 480 SOC
Alienware M17xR2, i7 620m, DDR3 4GB, 5870M
I would go with this combination:
MBO: Asrock A785GMH (better chipset)
CPU: AMD Athlon II x3 445

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