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cant upload signature...
I am trying to upload this signature: [Image: costas84banner.jpg]

Its 500 x 150 which is very normal for all the forums ive been to. at twcenter, they accepted it, as well as in every other forum ive been to, but in here, it says i cant because its height is 20 pixels too high....

Lame.... (sorry).
[Image: costas84bannerr.jpg]

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Then just resize it...20px isn't much
If i knew how, i would have done it already.
[Image: costas84bannerr.jpg]
(02-16-2010, 04:28 PM)costas84 Wrote: If i knew how, i would have done it already.

You can do that with any image editor(except Paint).I use Irfan View
Ill use Photo Shop and try to figure out how it works.
[Image: costas84bannerr.jpg]
Photo Shop is way too big program for something so simple.
I know. I thought i could start making my own signatures one day.
[Image: costas84bannerr.jpg]
Use Nero Photosnap i use it for all my image editing and its very easy to use (made my avatar picture with it).

actually you can with paint, in win7 they finally conveniently called it resize and in xp stretch/skew

here i resized it for ya
[Image: costas84banner.jpg]
Thanks! Ill try to learn photoshop.
[Image: costas84bannerr.jpg]

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