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check out this laptop

in case it doesn't display correctly,here are the laptop's specs.

intel core i3 2328m 2.20ghz
4gb ram ddr3
nvidia gt640m 2gb
500gb hdd
windows 8

for 500 euro!

you guys think this is a good deal?
will it be able to handle pc games like crysis for example and ps2 emulation?(I'm DYING to play xenosaga)

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Crysis will probably be reasonably playable in low details, PCSX2 will be playable with many games, but not all (and probably max 2x resolution). The CPU is not the strongest out there but not terrible either, and the GPU is not bad for mobile.

Overall, I think there are better deals around, but it's not a bad laptop. It's a bit heavy though, if you need to carry it around much.
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The Dell Audi A4 and A5 seem to be the best price/performance laptops at this time. Right now an Audi A5 (i5 3210M & Radeon 7670M) costs around 620 USD, and it could be cheaper in other countries I believe.

I don't know whether or not they're available in your country though.

Edit: A quick search shows me that they're only available in my country.
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