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controlers question
hey I got pcsx2 set up and tryed running a game but I cant seem to get the mouse and keyboard to do anything and I have my xbox 360 controller pluged in but cant seem to get it to do anything.

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Is your controller wired or wireless? If it's wired, it should work out of the box using Lilypad as input plugin and having XInput checked at the first Lilypad config screen.
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I have a wireless controller but i do have the charge cable and windows reconised it and install the controller to the computer. I did use lilypad with the xinput checked. when i look at pad1 pad2 it shows me ps2 controllers
So what happens when you try to assign some button or axis with Lilypad?
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well I think what is happing is that lilypad isn't detecting my controller
Yes that is what you think but you are not helping detect the ACTUAL problem. What happens when you click some button to assign it?
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if i go to pad1 to assign buttons I get nothing from the controller.on the first page were you select devices at the top and the at the bottom it says your avalible devices, It doesn't show up under devices. I have tried all sorts of combinations on the first page. I can get my keyboard to somewhat work, but I haven't assigned many buttons for the keyboard because i would really like to use my xbox controller.
It should appear in the "General" tab, "device diagnostics". If it's not there you need to make it work with windows itself first. Some times it appears but does not respond to any button and again it's windows driver problem. Try testing and calibrating it at the control panel or in "devices and printers".

There is nothing PCSX2 can do if Windows itself can't see it or work it.
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Actually, xbox360 wireless controller + the charge cable = no go. You will have to get the wireless receiver in order to make your controller work, and the charge cable is not going to do the magic trick.
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