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converting the .wav file from recording
so i spent hours last night researching and testing and could find no solution to this problem. that problem being unable to import the wav file into sony vegas... or much of anything else for that matter.

things i've tried:
converting in audacity - plays back only a portion of the file at an extremely sped up pace... audacity forums point to it being a corrupt file.

plays normally in VLC media player, and can convert but no matter what file type i choose it converts to a file with a .ps extention, which also can't be imported into vegas.

monkey audio - nothing going on there

img burn - audacity forums also suggested to burn the file to a cd and then rip it but img burn won't create a .cue file for it.

i'm recording using the internal recorder of PCSX2 0.9.8... anything i choose leaves the same separate wav file. my mind's made up on using the uncompressed method for the best quality. I've tried fraps but as soon as i start recording i get serious pixelation and it's very buggy.

setup in case it helps:
Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit
AMD FX 8150 8 core CPU
12 gigs 1333 ram
Sata III SSD (writes 500 MB/s)
2 Radeon HD 6850s (Xfire turned off while playing/recording)

any other info needed please ask. I'm just wondering how the rest of you are editing these videos. or if this needs to be in a different section of the forum i can try that too.

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Are you sure you are stopping the recording process properly? You have to press F12 twice to stop recording and have properly formatted files. I can reproduce the wav file fine here with winamp and I can encode it with Virtualdub
[Image: newsig.jpg]
that was the problem. didn't know you had to press it twice to stop. it's importing into vegas now without any converting. thanks for your help, sir!

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