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Just bought coreavc and wanted to mess around with it. I found a guide on notebook check forums but looks like they are having server issues so I'll post later.

(well, here is the link

The guide mentioned that k-lite is garbage and has a lot of bloatware. anyway, can I get some opinions? thoughts on this guide once their server is fixed.

or perhaps the set up you are already using.

edit - o right, the guide is for 64 bit systems, 64 bit mpc, 64bit fffshow and stuff like that.
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well,for me k-lite is just fine i dont think its "garbage" or whatever they call it
i dont think there is any codec pack or program that will play all video perfect with good quality etc. i have tried lots of staff Tongue
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K-lite is only full of bloatware if you choose to install everything. If you select playback essential or something like that, it will just install the codecs and mpc/mpchc.

Also, ffdshow just got a DXVA decoder.
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I'm using CCCP and have installed it on dozens of PCs, never had any kind of problem or conflict. Uninstalling also works fine as opposed to many other codec packs.
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bloatware ? what is that can you explain it to me, (im not a native english speaker so im still learning new vocabulary)
#7 . Google, use it Tongue (it's not actual english pretty much internet term)
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K-Lite and CCCP has a lot of unnecessary stuff that it installs. I used to just download FFDShow, MPC-HC, and something else. I prefer [S]MPlayer now since it plays everything I need it to and I can get it portable.
Yeah, FFDShow is an all-in-one universal package of decoders. smaller in size than others. It had x64 support.

And Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a self-decoding player by means of FFMpeg.
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(06-09-2010, 08:36 AM)pcsx2fan Wrote: And Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a self-decoding player by means of FFMpeg.

Not really (at least not for everything). I'm pretty sure the devs coded their own DXVA-capable H.264 and VC-1 decoders.

CoreAVC is nice if you have an NVIDIA GPU that supports CUDA. It's also pretty good for computers with marginal processors and a video card that doesn't support hardware acceleration as it's a very fast software decoder. If you have ATI or Intel graphics with DXVA support, there's kinda no point to it.

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