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cotton demands more interesting threads.
Quote:<cotton> ngemu and pcsx2 forums aren't cutting it for me anymore
<cotton> pcsx2 is always the same noob questions "will my pc run *****"
<cotton> well the main problem isnt' really too much ***** threads, but more like NO good ones
<cotton> in ngemu the only threads that interest me are the occasional programming ones that come once every 1~2 weeks or so
<cotton> in pcsx2 forums there really is never a thread that interests me

Get crackalacking on some interesting threads padres.

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Cotton demands less threads like this one.
I wouldn't have posted it if I didn't believe his words to be true. I bring to the surface the fact that one of the developers finds that there is nothing to wet his appetite when it comes to people analyzing his work and other things about the project that stir his interest enough to actually try and gain something from coming to the forum. Instead he has sees the same crap mentioned in my quote block. There isn't a need to hide this truth and let the public know they could be more productive. This message is not to make cotton look like some ***** dev grunting in his basement about the waste of bandwidth the forum is making, nor a plea for some sort of revelation. I'm acting as a messenger of the truth by pointing out that at least one dev has ad nauseam from the repeat of same damn thing and wants something interesting from the community here.
who is cotton???
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Do I sense criticism without the "constructive"? You seem to be asking for something you want, only problem is you seem to think it's all up to someone else.

"If you want something done right, you do it yourself."

Seriouly, though. What would be an "interesting" thread? What ideas do you have to contribute? I'd love to do something more productive for the community, but I haven't ANY idea what could be done... Check my "New Thread Idea" thread. That's all I got. Smile
i think that cotton refers to threads with "programation stuff" as an interesting thread
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I agree that programming threads are more interesting from my perspective and that repetative threads are annoying, but basically, thats just an opinion. Some users dont seem to even notice, let alone read the rules before posting which is pretty much baffling to say the least.

Some people dont care for technical side of things though and simply wish to enjoy using this great emulator, which is entirely understandable.
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