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disabling page file is ok?(great performance when disabled)
Ok here,i have an issue about disabling page file,when i disabled page file in my pc then performance of pcsx2 increased a lot,even pc games and the performance of whole pc is increased and now my pc is at a peak of performance,even crysis and farcry 2 is now playable on max settings after disabling page files,is it ok to disable page files if u have 4GB of RAM in windows 7 32-bit,becoz page files r called virtual memory and seems to be neccessory..but i think it is ok if u have more than 4 GB of page file is automaticaly set to 3.6GB ..what u think guyz..should i disable it or decrease the amount of hdd usage,.......its crazy guyz,..when i disabled it then gaming experience increased very much...even in pcsx2.......but i wanna consider it if it is safe or not in 4GB of RAM....


CPU-INTEL core2duo 3 Ghz
RAM-4 GB OF RAM BUT SHOWS 3.5GB(becoz of 32-bit os)

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Its safe to turn off PF,since you have 4Gigs RAM.That way your PC will become faster - booting and performance as well as fast program switching etc...
Try it.It shoulnt cause any problems Smile
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Not completely safe, some apps require it to be enabled and others work better with it as well. Better set a small pagefile which shouldn't create any performance loses anyway.
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AVP 2010 ver, one of the intro's crash without a pagefile.
And I think it was either Ghostbusters or Bad Company 2 that does the same thing unless you update it.
Not sure :\.

I tend to use a few gigs at once when I do certain things so I need a page file.
I use a 1024meg pagefile size.
Never had an issue running out of it.
With a page file it was able to do what I needed to do.
I think I really needed it with virtualdub and some gif animator program.
That and working with certain large images helps to have a extra few gigs of ram, even if it's not real.

Without a page file the avg latency is down a tad.
The speed difference is pretty negligible though (or at least I thaught it was, maybe I should re-check later).

I almost switched to not using one myself, if it weren't for the few games that plain crash without one I would probably be not using one right now.

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2x1tb Modded WD Green RAID0, Optiarc 7241S
Modded Enermax 350w

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I have 2GB RAM and 3GB Pagefile.Runs great...i dont need to worry about anything cuz my mobo has
1.Instant Boot
2.Hybrid Booster
I guess best thing is to let Windows set the recomended page file according to your Physical Memory
I'm inactive on this, dedicating most of my time to osu!
guyz i got a problem here............Sad

i tried with page file off and its great for me..but some of my important softwares crashed on a fixed ... "autodesk 3Ds max"

this is not the big deal....i again set page file back to "automatic detect paging files"(which was set before)....but stilll problem is there............Sad

what should i do......???
It's not safe disabling it. The gain reported in the OP is because windows got forced to load all it's modules in the real RAM. That can indeed enhance some applications at first but it's illusory in the long term and let less RAM for applications anyway. At some point the OS will be forced to delete modules and reload them from scratch, a must more costly procedure than moving it to and from the pages. But that is when you are lucky because more probably the system will just crash by memory lack long before that.

PS: Actually that so significant gain may be a symptom that something is wrong with the system, Normally the system will not begin the moves unless it need to do it.
May be a good idea monitor the system for memory leakage and strange behaviors.

PS: In recent past it was advised to create fixed files to host the virtual memory. I'm not updated if it is still a worthy advantage. The fragmentation seems a greater problem, mainly if the MFT itself is fragmented.
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can i monitor the usage of virtual memory(page file usage) ,,??....or what should be done to resolve it??............i hope someone can help me here..................Unsure
yep you can with everest ultimate in the motherboard---> memory tab along with many other staff related to that
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i wanna know how i able to slove this issue....i also tried system restore...but its no use....even if i undo my last action in page file usage...problem still remains......any solution?.........Sad

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