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disappearing of Gabest
I just began worried about future...

Last update of his GSdx was one month ago (r1650). Gsdx (i think) is important part of PCSX2.

Is he abandoned project? or its timed departing?

*sorry for bad English

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It's called having a life. He does it on his free time and gets no money from it, so he just works on it when he feels like it (like the rest of the PCSX2 developers too)
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I have in view of what wasn't any "farewell"...
I recommend you post his picture on the back of milk cartons.

... before it's too late!
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don't worry, he is just on a far away isle sipping lemonade on the beach
yeah, he having a life maybe.

or he just playing with the girls, LOL
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(09-12-2009, 04:52 PM)ardhi Wrote: yeah, he having a life maybe.

or he just playing with the girls, LOL

I agree with you. And i wish to all you guys go and play with your girlLaugh
Too bad I don't have one. (both) At least I'm honest. Laugh
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why dont you try, man girls are great for luxouryClosedeyes

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