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does ps3 emulate ps2
well i want to buy a one and when i bought my ps2 it emulated ps1 so does
ps3 emulate ps2 ( and ps1 for some unique games )

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Earlier ones did, the newer ones don't unfortunately. Sony just don't have the magic touch Tongue
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well that suks why they did that is any body have an idea
I think the newer ones still might in factory mode, I haven't got one to test on, but I do know that old non-PS2 FAT ps3s could if in that mode. it does require PS3 hacking though, and that's beyond what I know how to do

the reason they stated was "the are confident in the PS3 lineup" as in they think no one likes the old games anymore, or they are trying to force people to forget them, one of the two
The best a new (slim) PS3 could theoretically do would be to run the core emulator.
The complete EE, the memory, the IOP and all the peripherals should be emulated.
What's missing then is the GS though. And without it, no gaming fun Tongue2
well i probably will stick with pcsx2 for ps2 games and let ps3 for ps3 games
(12-01-2010, 10:32 PM)rama Wrote: What's missing then is the GS though. And without it, no gaming fun Tongue2

we know full well the PS3 is capable of doing that at a software level. I deosn't NEED the GS core, the syatem can emulate that without taking a hit on power (let' face it, it HAS to already be doing that for ps1 games)
Uh no, Saiki.
The PS3 is most likely already pretty tied up with the EE emulation.
The GS is a *pain* to emulate so it runs fast.
The PSX GPU is something entirely different.
I still think it has enough power to do it, but that's just my 2¢
The PS3 has 7 SPEs to spare. This should be enough to emulate the EE floating point coprocessor and both VUs on seperate SPEs. The rest is free to use for integer math like the format conversions done in GSDX. Or just plain doing the 128 bit emulation of the registers of the EE.

Don'`t cha think?

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