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dolphin wii vs pcsx2
the dolphin wii is better after two years than a pcsx2 after 6 years. why?

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It probably isn't but even if it is, you really can't compare Wii emulation to Playstation 2 emulation.
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there are two simple resons

from the begining the dolphin wii is an open source project, but the pcsx2 became, maybe 8 or 9 months ago.

the number of the dev team
dolphin wii

as you can see the wii project has 57 people, this is the reason why they can update so frequently.
unfortunately the pcsx2 has only 20 people.

so, the development of the pcsx2 would be much more faster with more programmer.
from the begining the dolphin wii is an open source project, but the pcsx2 became, maybe 8 or 9 months ago.

Not true, PCSX2 has always been open source. First on source forge ( ) and lately on Google Code ( )
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Lets make some other comparisons.

Disabled Kid vs Cup of Coffee, which one do you think is better?

Point being you are comparing 2 entirely different things. If you were comparing another ps2 emu to pcsx2, it would make sense.

In answer to why dolphin is "better" than pcsx2, it isnt really. The gamecube is a much more efficient system and a majority of its games arent to the quality of games like metal gear solid 3 or shadow of the colossus (i think RE4 is the most advanced game on the system), so no matter which game you run, it requires less code to run, items can be HLE'd (high level emulated) easier than the PS2 and full speed on a gamecube is 30fps, not 50 or 60fps, so off the bat we have to do twice as much work, without hardware differences.

If you're wondering why Wii emulation is so far on, the Wii is a glorified Gamecube, so there is very little in terms of hardware differences to worry about.
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moreover, a GC GPU is extremely close to a PC GPU. Which is of course a lot easier to emulte compared to EE
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Dolphin is not better than PCSX2 (no offense to Dolphin team) but PCSX2 keeps improving while Dolphin just changes for better or for worse no one knows... some games work full speed in old revs. and in newer - they just don`t run... PCSX2 supports almost all PS2 games with better res and graphics, screen enhancements and other useful stuff you can experiment with.
is this the weakest console???

i can't belive it.

look at this screenshot

this is a hd console isn't it?

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Wii is not a HD console. Heck it doesn't even more than 480p. That's why you see all these videos on youtube with 'XX in HD' upscaled by Dolphin. Trust me, I own a Wii.
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in other words, the dolphin wii is much more better than the original wii console?

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