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dragon ball budokai tenkaichi 2
i have computer recently bought spec are as follows:
hdd 500gb
Motherboard gigabyte (with Pciexpressx16 )
graphic card: 384mb intel express family 2.0 shader support
ram 2GB ddr2
processor: intel core2duo 2.93 ghz e7500

how much fps it will give to budokai tenkaichi 2 at lowest settings pls send me the configuration.

i have read a persons computer sec that was 512 mb ram 1.8 ghz with intel graphic card of i think 384.
he wrote that he was getting 45 fps at gameplay is it possible?

and why there is so much difference b/w the speed the games of ps2 and pc (those games who are made pc versions of ps2 like biohazard)

is this emulator is not developed pproperly??
or is it with my configuration.

i have sse4.1
i use gsdx
i have 0.9.6
no sound
lily pad controller
and the rest r the default

thanks Smile Smile

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try latest gsdx & pcsx2 betas.

I think your GPU is your bottleneck, here.
Tick "native " in gsdx res.
CPU : I7 2600K Oc'ed @ 4.2Ghz
Mobo : Intel P67 southbridge
GPU : NVIDIA Geforce GTX 750 Ti
RAM : 6 Go
30-60fps... The big limiter on your system is going to be the internal graphics by intel. The Intel graphics are horrible for 3d PC games, and equally horrible and then some for PCSX2.

The biggest difference between PS2 games and PC games is that PS2 games aren't designed to ever run on anything BESIDES a PS2. Where as PC games are meant to be played on PC Wink

Yes, PS2 games aren't as pretty as current PC games... but you have to understand that the 2 systems are completely different. The majority of the time spent on emulating a game is actually spent translating PS2 code into PC code... something that has to be done in real time or else you get a horrible slow gaming experience.

Also, that person who had the 1.8ghz celeron who got the game "playable" got it playable by his standards with every hack in the book turned on which causes graphics bugs, slowdowns, and other anomalies that most people would have found unplayable anyways.
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