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e8400 or q8300 is better for pcsx2 ?
hi !
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 has 6mg cache and 3000 MHz Frequency but it's Dual Core
Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 has 4mg cache and 2500 MHz Frequency and it's Quad Core

i think quad core cpus is better for PCSX2
Which is better for pcsx2 and gaming ?!
i now have E5300 and it has 30-40 fps in pcsx2Sad
i want full fps
my motherbord dont support core i3/i5/i7
so i should buy Core 2 Quad cpus or Core 2 Duo cpus
Which is better for pcsx2 and gaming ?
E8400 or Q8300 ?

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Both are quite old CPUs and it depends which games you plan to play (PC and/or PCSX2) but I would save some money and go for atleast an i5-2500(k) + a motherboard that supports it, You won't get much out of those CPUs.
i know that. but I have no more money Sad
i just can buy E8400 or Q8300 Sad(
Get the quad core and overclock it to about 3ghz, thats what id do Smile
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nice /
Core 2 quad Q6600 is better or Core 2 quad q8300 ?!
q6600 have more cache !
just go for the higher frequency q
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if you aren't planning on overclocking, go for the q8300, if you are, apparently you can get a much better overclock from the q6600 as it has a higher multiplier (so a quick google says Tongue)
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Duos (I have an E7400) can be overclocked 1+ ghz, producing beast results. I took mine from 2.66 to 3.8 ghz and it was pretty decent for pcsx2 but I put it back to stock speeds because I hadn't the money to buy a cooler lol.
very nice
so Q6600 is better than Q8300 & E8400 for PCSX2
Here Q6600 is Only 80$ Smile
I will bought that soon !
Ugh $80 for old tech.
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