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I know this forum isn't designed for ePSxe emulator, but i need help. All the other forums I've visted take forever to reply back.

So anyway, here's the problem. I need more games for my ePSxe emulator. So i decided to get my games off my Sony PSP, and put them on my PC so i could run them via ePSxe. But the games don't load.

[Image: 42.png]

Is that the right format? idk why its not working. .

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What are you trying to do? ePSXe is a Playstation 1 emulator, I don't understand why you're trying to get your games "off your Sony PSP" since it's a different console...
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My PSP has a Playstation1 emulator installed.
What im trying to do, is get my PS1 games off my PSP & onto my PC so i can run it via ePSxe.

I don't know why it's not working.
is it me or are you hinting that you have ps1 games on your psp but do not have physical disks
which is totally against the forum rules we dont support piracy here you know
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And Jpscp ?
That's a PSP emulator for the PC. Nothing to do with what the OP is asking about Tongue
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I don't know if it's piracy because I think you can buy ps1 games for the Psp downloading them from the psn store.
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When you upload the ps1 isos to your psp you have to convert them to work for the psp so they will not work for a normal emulator unless you manage to change it back or make a new iso. Figure the rest out for your self.
The official emulator obviously doesn't come with native PSX isos. Those games are custom fabricated ones to fix all needs. I guess you'll never make a game from the PSN store work on a real PSX nor emulation
Anito: don't go screaming piracy if you don't have proof he didn't pirate. It isn't cool, and judging from his post, he most likely DID buy the games off the PSN store. Otherwise he would have had to download the ps1 version and convert it to PBP format. If he did that he wouldn't be asking how to convert back.

Anyway, OP: You're probably out of luck. You could try searching for some sort of conversion tool online that'll change it back into a ps1 formatted ISO, since in that file format its converted specifically for your PSP. Actually, JPCSP could theoretically work, since that's technically PSP software, however I wouldnt recommend using an emulator inside an emulator.

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