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enough card
MSI Radeon HD 4870 Video Card - 1024MB GDDR5, PCI Express 2.0 x16, CrossFireX Ready, DVI, HMDI, VGA is this graphic card capable of running every games of ps2 at very very high configuration at normal speed and if yes pls pls pls reply with the price in $ or rs you know.

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That's a great card. What matters most though is your CPU.
(11-13-2009, 11:11 AM)Vazel Wrote: That's a great card. What matters most though is your CPU.
do you know the price pls pls pls tell me... and other is 4 gb ddr2 ram dual core and is this card is compatible with asus p5n73-am pls do reply.
in my knowledge the price of this card is 144.99 $ on net it this price right or not and graphic card need what kind of things to run???

pls pls pls reply about what graphic cards want to get properly work?
By 'rs' I assume you mean rupees? There's no way we can tell you the price of hardware in your local market since prices can fluctuate radically between countries. You'll have to search it up yourself by looking at some local online computer store websites, or go into a local computer store and asking them. A simple conversion from USD to your currency would be pretty pointless unless you can actually source from a US store and ship internationally...

Or if there are any Indian posters here?

As for a graphics card sufficient for PCSX2 emulation, a 9600GT 512MB should be enough, and might be quite a bit cheaper in your market.
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4870 will be able to play most PS2 games at high quality and full speed, yes. However, there are still those games that will run slow no matter what, unless you have some kind of super computer with 2 10GHZ CPU's.

Anyways, unlike PC games, PCSX2 depends more on the CPU and its clock rate. 3-3.5 GHZ dual core paired with a good GPU (not necessarily top of the line like the 4870) will get you full speed in most games.
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