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first bad experience with eBay as a buyer
I had a disappointing and alarming experience with eBay today. It has nothing to do with the Seller or the Item.

I won an auction for a game with Free Shipping. The Shipping Details showed it was free. The image on the auction had an orange circle that said free shipping.

eBay sent me an invoice that showed the amount of the auction and it added $5 for a shipping a charge. I logged into the auction again, but it ONLY showed free shipping - as opposed to Media Mail was free and priority was $5 for example.

I initiated a chat session with eBay. At first, eBay indicated it clearly showed a $5 shipping charge on the auction. Only after I asked them to enter a US Postal zip-code, did it show them shipping was free. eBay agreed it was a "possible bug." They suggested I contact the seller for an updated invoice. I replied since it was their bug and it was not my fault OR the seller's fault, they should contact the seller and they should issue a new invoice. eBay indicated they could not issue a new invoice or contact the seller "since we only work as a mediator."

The seller sent me an updated invoice. The seller did in fact list the item with free shipping.

I am just disappointed in eBay's attitude towards this problem. If I use PayPal ( which is owned by eBay ), it easy to see how the seller could receive the auction proceeds and eBay pocket the bogus shipping charge. How many "free shipping" auctions do they erroneously add a shipping charge to every minute ?

I do not really believe eBay is trying to profit from this "bug", but I am disappointed in their customer service.


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Next time threaten to sue them lmao
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At least its not a PSP Case with Nintendo Gameboy inside = .=
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(12-01-2010, 03:59 PM)SonicXPS2 Wrote: At least its not a PSP Case with Nintendo Gameboy inside = .=
like it would fit inside a PSP case it was a PSP BOX LOL Tongue2 but still preety funny

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