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fixing errors
I am interested in programing and that kinf of stuf.......What can you tell me about pcsx2 errors how do you see them?You work in some program like Visual studio or something like that soo the program says where is the problem or something wrong and give you some kind of solution for it?

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well usually the easy errors to find in pcsx2 are when 1 svn revision breaks a game, and it was working on the revision before.
then you can look at the code that was changed, and isolate the problematic code to fix it.

its very hard to find the problem of a game that just out-right doesn't work, and never did (and you don't have any clues to why it doesn't work).
usually we're better off ignoring those games, and just concentrating on rewriting parts of the emu.
then eventually the game will be fixed when we rewrite the bad-part.

many people think we can just fix individual problems in games if we wanted to... but that is not the case.
this is an emulator, so the games are running through the emulator itself. so the problems in games depend on how they're specifically using the emulator.
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