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game suggestions
i was searching for games but theres sooo many of em on ps2 that i thought id rather ask u guys Smile
anyways, i was wondering if someone could suggest what games should i try out
i loved kingdom hearts series and obviously god of war, and currently playing rogue galaxy Tongue
know any other ones similar to those? i get kinda bored when playing games like persona or FF7 (used to love ff7 but its just too slow for me now)

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Have you tried the Prince of Persia Trilogy? Its fun to play Smile
Shadow of Rome and Shadow of Collosus are good games too
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try metal gear series , ICo and Shadow of colossus
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(05-31-2010, 11:07 AM)super92 Wrote: i get kinda bored when playing games like persona
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try playing Devil May Cry, God Hand, Dynasty Warrior, Warriors Orochi or any other button masher.
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ty for the suggestions Smile and i forgot to mention devil may cry and metal gear series , i completed them lots of years ago xP

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and games like dynasty warriors arent appealing Laugh they are very very stale
^ I seriously lol-ed XD

If your tired of slow paced games (e.g. Persona 3-4 beginning) you should try the following

1) Shadow of the colossus
2) DMC 1-3
3) Prince of persia trilogy
4) Jak 1-3 (a bit buggy atm though)
5) Sly series 1-3 (sadly not yet 100% running)
6) Ratchet series

Survival horror:
1) Silent hill 2-4
2) Onimusha 1-3
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If you play on PCSX2, I would suggest JRPGs in general (FF, Persona, Dragon Quest, etc). Metal Gears are very good, but it's very easy to have speed problems Laugh
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jadarin , nice list ty Smile onimusha trylogy especially
(05-31-2010, 02:30 PM)super92 Wrote: jadarin , nice list ty Smile onimusha trylogy especially
Good one but don't they have a few Graphics problem and there actually 4 of em right
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if ur talking about onimusha , yeah theres 4 but the 4th one is with new characters cuz they go in trilogies...
anyways , the first trilogy was great , 4th part however i disliked v.much
i completed 3rd part on this emulator with no problems

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