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graphic card
My computer configuration is,
AMD PEHENOM™II x2 550 PROCESSER, 3.11 ghz,3.25 GB RAM(DDR2).
im working with Maya,Max,Premiere,Shake,Photoshop etc software.
i want to buy a 1 GB graphic card. can anyone tell me which graphic card is good for my system?

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And in what way is this related to site questions and feedback?
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(02-20-2010, 10:47 AM)pedrosilvaa Wrote: And in what way is this related to site questions and feedback?
sorry i cnt understand properly..can u kindly say me clearly ?
kindly say me the company name n model no for graph card.
well 1st of all what's your current graphic card and why do you want to change it? does your computer get slow when running these apps or so ?
anyway i think that anything from Nvidia Quadro series model FX5600 or above would do the job....although i don't know if you can afford it cause it's a bit expensive
the question is from february. i'm sure he has bought a new card already^^
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Or gave up and didn't bother anymore seeing how the last visit of the OP was the same day the thread was made...

Either way... thread closed.
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