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.hack// and .hack//g.u on my pc
here's my current system

windows 7 32 bit ultimate
athlon x2 5600+
radeon 4850 512mb
2 gb of ram
pcsx2 version 1.0.0

will the .hack// games be able to run fluently on my pc?
I don't mind fps at 85%-90% of full speed but I simply won't tolerate xenosaga's epic 30 fps ><

I know it's a lame reason to start a thread but....yea.... Smile

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Your CPU is weak but I think at native res with some speed hacks on you could possible get at least 45fps easily I would say. Dot hack is that demanding. I been playing the game on my system at 5x native res. Well this was with dot hack G.U rebirth.
I5 3570k 3.4ghz| 4GB R9 290| 8GB DDR3
This time cannot be avoided saying that CPU is of very old architecture, even it's actual clocking have different meaning when comparing with newer architectures, even an Athlon II at same clock would have a hard tine getting satisfactory experience in many games.

The truth is to have enjoyable experience with nowadays games it is too weak, mainly in a hard on the system emulation as the PS2 one which is very CPU bound. The best video card would not help any significant amount is this case. It's time for an upgrade. Of course the machine still can be used for many other tasks but games will ask too much of it.
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.hack// will work fine

.hack//G.U. might be a little laggy
that's unfortunate as I'm interested in .hack//g.u mostly
well.. as most people konw..

I don't keep up with AMD, so can you post the stock speed please?
it's 2.8 Ghz right now
that should be able to play GU..

2.2 intel is almost able to. try some speedhacks though, and MTVU is a must
will do! thanks Smile

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