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have you guys saw this yet Dante dyed his hair black and turned into a coke addict

[Image: 4fL2v.jpg]

[Image: E81xc.jpg]

[Image: xNnTH.jpg]

[Image: elw7j.jpg]

"Century Gothic"]Just when I thought it couldn't get gayer. He got Nero'd, at least he has black hair now. WHAT ?

was capcom goin nuts giving license to these british idiots to ruin the well built name DMC has had over these many years I mean that guy looked like a Coke [coccaine] addict I think he even smoked a marijuana somewhere in the Video
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Yeah I saw it. It's sad.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
i hope everybody in limbo city is dancing all the time, dancing and singing and having fun together, that would be so much fun, cause im pretty sure its named "limbo city" for a reason, RIGHT?
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You forgot to add that he's decreased in age by about to 10 yrs, and now looks like he's barely hit puberty. What the heck?

That's horrible.
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this is what you get by trusting one of your best Game series to a british game studio I guess the guys that designed this monster spends his vacation in amsterdam too much and also Loves Coke
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That's NOT Dante...

What is that people thinking?
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AAAAA....this can not be Dante! And even if capcom made him a ***** like this I swear i am not gonna buy or even play DMC 5!
thats how bad game turn into even worse game Tongue
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DMC has been all it needed to be already. So WTFish. I don't care if they change the visual appeal and style alil or create sidestories. But to name this really different looking guy Dante again and let him maybe still be the same is no good. really.
Title should be Dante goes Twilight

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