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help with shading ^^
hi guys,. does anyone know how to shade a text in this forum..

like you highlight a work or something. help is appreciated. thanks ^^

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Does this have anything to do with PCSX2 plugins discussion? >_>

Moved... and actually I don't even get what's the question here Tongue2
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ohhh ohhh.. Sorry. but thanks for moving... I mean Its like highlighting a text in the forum...

i want to know how to do that... Smile

and one more thing. can i ask a question about a game i legally bought?
why are you afraid of asking if it legally bought
I don't think they have the highlight code implemented here. Just change the text color or make the word bold to make it stand out if that's what you want.
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use b and /b in between left and right brackets to make the text bold
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