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heres a couple quick questions?
would running GameOS benefit pcsx2 or would it draw more usage?

and would it be possible for coders to combine ZeroGS and GSD?
FFX run excellent on ZeroGS, but fails to load any videos

and GSD runs video with excellent, but game lags occassionaly thru out
the game

another problem with GSD plugin, but i will try find the plugin thread to post
Any updates or plugins, pls send, or atleast notify me of info on plugin

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No and no. I don't know what GameOS is, but most likely it just frees up ram. Pcsx2 needs raw processing power (i.e. high processor clock rates), and GameOS can't provide that.

It's GDSX. not GSD. If zeroGS is running better than GSDX then you probably need to discard your -very- old plugins and update to the latest beta. There's almost no game where zeroGS runs better tan GSDX. Also, why are you using zeroGS? zzogl is a fork of it that's being kept up still. ZeroGS hasn't really been worked on since ZeroFrog left in 2008? ish.

So why can't you combine zeroGS and GSDX? Well they use different graphics APIs, and basically go about all the rendering and displaying process completely differently. It's like slapping together a book in greek with one in latin and calling it english.
well the plugins i have, came with the beta download 9.7.1 ?
and i forget where i got zerogs from, sorry for the typo then?
but i just know ffx runs excellent on ZeroGS, just annoyed i cant watch any of the vids, there all white screen'd
i finished ffx today.. but i played it with ZeroGS untill the wedding part.. then switched cus couldnt see what was going on.
the plugins i get.. i found from other emu sites via google, not really sure sometime if there outdated or not.. but i still download to see what works best
Any updates or plugins, pls send, or atleast notify me of info on plugin

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