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hi people im new to pcsx2 a few qustions
so i got version 4968 if that is important and it runs awsome on the games i tried so far and i want to know for future versions of pcsx2 how to get my save states to the newer version of pcsx2 so i dont have to restart the games i played from scratch everytime i update the emu other than that what should i config so the games look as good as possible im amazed how much better castlevania curse of darkness looks than i remember it on ps2 Smile

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You can't. Just save on a memcard as you would do on your PS2 and use the same memcard with every new PCSX2 version.
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Do not rely on savestates as primary save mechanism ever. You should enjoy every opportunity to save the game on it's own memory card as it is meant to be done.

The reason is the savestate is like a memory snapshot and changes in PCSX2 code can and probably will invalidate them in between the emulator's releases and versions. Another reason is whatever corruption that get into the game (like introduced by wrong cheat code or emulation fail for example) is recorded and returns each time the save is loaded and pass ahead in the next savestate and tend to accumulate.

Point taken, the savestate is extremely useful to have safeguard from a normal save point to another and a bless case you die in game or you need to stop the game session in an emergency, but it is NOT to substitute the memcard.

Edit, addendum: From the above one could take that is good practice, at least once and again, load the game from the memcard so to be assured no previous memory corruption exists, this grants the next savestate to be the cleanest possible.
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wow thanks for telling me that stuff i would get really pssed if id lost some 100 h savestate so i have to buy a ps2 mem card anything else i need? is there a way i could connect my ps2 mem card adaptor from sony to my pc? i connected it by using that charging cable of my ps3 controller to the pc and it recognised that there was something plugged in but not what it is so could you guys give me a link to a guide hove i get savestates from my pc to a ps2 mem card?
UH what? You don't buy anything the memcards are virtual and are just files created by the emulator Tongue
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hmm i guess there is a missunderstanding because of my crappy english skills hehe so basically is there a way i can use my save files i used on this emulator in a future updated version of the emulator yes / no if its possible how i do that and by save files i mean the ones that i save just like if i would play on a ps2 not the one were you go into the emu menu and click on save
No, you first use the version of the emulator you created the states in it, so you can load them. Load them, then save using the ingame saving function of the game (just as you would do on the ps2). Then transfer the memcard files in the memcard folder of PCSX2 to the new version and load the saves from there.
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another noob question if i set the internal resolution to higher than my TV i play on ( 1920x1080 ) will it look better or worse atm i have both internal and screen on 1920x1080 p
It should look better
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