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how can i play GOW3?
Frnds help me in. I want to play GOD OF WAR3 on my PC (as i can't effort PS3 Console) kindly let me know if there is any way to play this Mind Blowing and game of the era game on pc?

Currently I've PCSX2 Beta and PCSX2 Metal.

Rply ASAP.


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God of War 3 is game for PS3 ONLY and there is no way to run PS3 games on PC for now(ask again after maybe 10-15 years)
anyways, if you wanted to emulate GoW III, you would have to own the PS3 to do it legally.
Means if you can't afford a PS3, you won't play Gow 3
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another one Huge Pirate trying to play a game Pcsx2 cannot play did the word PS2 emulator ring any bells maybe one day someone may want to ask how to play Metal Gear 4 on Pcsx2 one piece of advice use GOOGLE
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Hi PCSX2 TEAM. I WANT URANIUM NAOW. But i dont wanna pay since i cant "effort" it. Currently im using Snesx9.
should be able to run on 0.9.7 afaik Tongue

hear you need atleast 5ghz processing power to run it though Wink
Second post was enough kthx Tongue
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