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how do i go back to tchita uplands from cerobi steppe in final fantasy 12
i just reached phon coast. i want to make the ultima blade before i go to draklor lab by selling loot in the bazaar

there is a loot i need and it is in cerobi steppe. i can't go walking from tchita uplands to cerobi steppe because there is debris blocking the way. that debris will be cleared after i finish draklor lab

there is a secret way to enter cerobi steppe. i have to ride a chocobo from phon coast and reach the area with the debris before the timer runs out then the using the chocobo i can climb over the debris and i can enter cerobi steppe

the problem is how to go back into tchita uplands when i finish from cerobi steppe. i can't go walking due to the debris. also i am not allowed to enter balfonheim port so i am stuck in cerobi steppe. how do i go out of there?

i searched the net but nothing. i found many sites that say how i can enter cerobi steppe secretly but none on how to get out of it

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