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how do i put cheat beside using cidebreaker iso?
does any1 know how i can put cheat in ps2 game beside codebreaker iso? if i use that all my game save will be broken...... hope someone can help me thanks

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Then how my saves are not broken...not to mention that I'm using slow 64mb memory card that have at least 150 saves in it.
I'm using CodeBreaker from more that 3 years and I don't have any problems from or with him.

You probably read something about someone loose all of his saves for some unknown reason while he was using codebreaker but till now that never happen to me.
no im not

it happen to me
i activate cheat code for ffx2 and then i cant enter the lift inside ship @ beginning in chapter 2
make me stuck......
CodeBreaker is not the problem,the code that you used is the problem.
Even if you used some other cheat device with the same code,the result will be the same.There are some not correctly maded cheats that do all kind of bad things.
so any advice? instead sarcasm word, play nice dont cheat Tongue2
Any advice...create a backup of your save before using cheats and make sure that everything is correct before deleting the backup.
I always do that,to be sure that I wont end up with a problem like yours.

What cheats did you used on that game?
well max hp max mp all dresssphere, 1 kill hit-all ability gain likewise
but i dont do infinite because i got experience in codebreaker gba too whereeas infinite will make my game broke
well i dont do infinite it still same

same goes as other game but dark cloud 2 work well........
You can use a save editor for that game rather that using cheats
how about other games? like kingdom heart, still the same......
if its hard for you its ok
im gonna try action replay...... idk yet the result still downloading
What do you mean by
"if its hard for you its ok"
I don't have any problems with codebreaker.I even create cheats on my pc and then use them on codebreaker

I've never loose a single save because of codebreaker

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