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i5 processor
hey guys
I know there is a subject here for this
but I want to know more
I'm going to buy an iMac with i5 Processor
is that enough for pcsx2 with full screen - full speed ?
the game I'm going to play mostly is kingdom hearts 1 + 2
is that's ok for it ?
thanks .

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You need to tell us WHAT i5 processor, and the graphics card. If it's the i5 520m you should run some games at full speed. KH will play just fine. If it's the 450m it may not. Macs have severely underpowered graphics cards so that'll kill performance.

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well you didn't say which imac but most i5's should run KH 1 and 2 I think no probs, also just make sure you have a discrete graphics card and not an integrated one and you should be fine.Happy
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