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intel dual core
in "Will PCSX2 run fast on my computer?" the intel pentium dual core was not cited, I wonder if the intel Pentium Dual core 2X2.7Ghts 64bits(Cache 2mb) is nice to play

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It ain't bad. Smile

Just know that it won't be quite the same as a Core 2 Duo @ 2.7Ghz.

You could look at the "CPU Benchmark" thread and see an example of how it compares. I see Pentium Dual Core around 2.7Ghz getting 36-39fps. Pretty close to my Core 2 Duo 2.8Ghz which is 43fps.
The Pentium Dual-Core E5x00 and E6x00 are nearly the same as the Core 2 Duo Wolfdales with minor performance penalty due to the decreased cache. The Pentium Dual-Core E5400 would be very nice to play with particularly if overclocking because of the high multiplier. Unfortunately, there's too much disambiguation required if they just list "Pentium" in the supported hardware given there are many iterations not all of which perform similarly in PCSX2.

You can find some benchmarks of the Pentium Wolfdale processors in the CPU Benchmark designed for PCSX2 based on FFX-2 thread.
It should probably be added but there's a problem with the name of the processor and some people go "but I have a pentium dual core @ 3GHz!" meaning a Pentium D and not a Pentium Dual-Core one. Anyway the Dual-Core is based on the Core 2 Duo so basically yes it is mentioned Tongue2
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