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just got the ati 5770
just got the ati 5770
i know its not the best nor newest card on the market but just wanted to say that i have gotten at least a 30fps increase and a 40fps increase with slight overclocking in pcsx2

5770 sapphire

800 streaming processor units
*stock clock*
850mhz gpu
1200mhz memory clock
*55-60 degrees Celsius when gaming*

920mhz gpu *can go to 930mhz stable*
1300mhz memory clock *can go to 1350mhz stable*
*68-72 degrees Celsius when gaming*

my cpu is an
amd athlon 64 ll x2 235e dualcore 3.0ghz *overclocked*

6gb ram

750gb hdd 7200 rpm

stock cooling

the game i play is dragon ball z tenkaichi 3

with my last card the ati 4670 i had 80-90fps
and now with my new card its 110fps-125fps
and yes thats when gaming

when i select taskmanager to let pcsx2 use only one core its
55-65fps when gaming

i would love to say this card is almost magical lol

long ago in a distant city, i batman defender of gotham unleashed an unspeakable order. but a foolish clown wielding a menasing laugh steped forth too opose me.

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