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left 4 dead
I know it's for pc but is this played on pcsx2?

Do we need to register a genuine key for each product to play in the pcsx2 forum's server for left for dead and is anyone even playing it? Thx

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no i dont think its on the ps2.

yes, you have to purchase a key to play it in general, the servers shouldnt require anything more, maybe a password? but i think they are currently off. if you were to purchase the game therew ould be plenty of public games to join.

i play on occasion my steam nickname is unauthorizedlogin, naturally Smile
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Left4Dead has nothing to do with PCSX2, other than people on the forums use both.

You buy L4D through Steam, and all authorization and whatnot is done through that. In general it's a rather nice system if you can get over the fact that you lose the right to re-sell the game later on
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