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make me like final fantasy 12....seriously...
so,being a fan of the final fantasy series series,I've played the ones on snes,gameboy,ps1/pc and ps2,I really really REALLY wanted to like final fantasy 12 for the ps2 but I just....couldn't ><

it just doesn't play like final may look like a final fantasy by using a familiar setting that in my opinion looks like ff9,but oh my god...I don't just...meh...

I finished ff7,9,10 and 10-2 and liked but never finished ff8.
out of aaaaall the final fantasy games I've ever played,I enjoyed the most ff10-2 which I'm sure that most of you will dissagree with Tongue2

anyway...I've tried starting ff12 2-3 times but I always gave up at the 2nd hour or said final fantasy but it kinda didn't feel like it.

I'm seeing all the reviews give it extremely high scores and I'm wondering if I was too soon to judge it.

why should I choose ff12 over any other generic rpg that has a different name?

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I don't like it either. And today I tried another RPG (KH) with high scores, and it is so ANNOYING. It's all about personal taste, I guess.
My most played game for the last 16 months has some of the lowest scores around the web (Star Trek Conquest). I don't know about you, but I
have learned NOT to let stars and ratings tell me what fitts my personality.
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Didn't care too highly for XII but I liked XII International. It's still the same game but with some small tweaks. Also, don't even worry about game reviews, everyone was glad they got rid of random battles (Not complaining) but that it also wasn't as turn based as it used to be. I like XIII and XIII-2 but honestly, I would way rather keep using the combat system from X. Best way to find out what you like is trying it, I know I wouldn't of played some of my favorite games if I went by what reviewers said.
have finished ff 12 just for the heck of it, its nothing special really, dont force yourself to play a game that way you never would enjoy it.
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I finished FFXII last night and I can honestly say it's not that good. I've played FFVII, VIII, IX and X, XIII, I've only ever done the intro on X-2 so i'll give that a go eventually.

XII was just boring for me tbh, just doesn't feel rite, also why, in my opinion, do Vaan, Ashe, Balthier and Penelo seem to share the same face model? To me anyway it seem's as if they do. The only decent characters I actually like'd from FFXII was Basch, Gabranth and Fran, the rest.....meh, Felt like a boring and rushed game imo.
Although i didnt finish it the 15-20 hours i did put into it where enjoyable, and i really liked the plot twists. Vaan was a terrible character unfortunately, and had a most annoying voice. Luckily there where some great support actors in which to focus on. Its funny even though Vaan`s brother was only in the game for a short time i thoroughly found him to potentially to be a far better protagonist than Vaan who i didnt ever really care for, alas square got that one wrong. Still if you can get past the first few hours and get into the meat of the story, its not that bad a story, its not FFVII but then again none of them are..
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I didn't finish F.F.12 in my opinionFinal Fantasy 6 is best Final Fantasy game ever
Hmm.. 1st of all
Lets take a long look to the past and we can find out a mystery about why now not like it was before.
This game ,or ideas of project ,created by Hironobu Sakaguchi. Or we can call him a father of this project.
In Final Fantasy 12 his name mentioned only in credits roll ,but created without.
This game just lost a soul ,at least for anyone who playing Final Fantasy for long time.
Now its just a name,nothing more.
(01-23-2013, 02:24 PM)Game Wrote: I didn't finish F.F.12 in my opinion Final Fantasy 6 is best Final Fantasy game ever
Yes ,FF6 the best ,totally agree with you Smile
I've played FF12 version on the NDS, even though it was called different, and on there it was a solid game, with a good story imo. But true I couldn't get into FF12 on the PS2. And imo still FF7 and 8 were the best Final Fantasy imo, and I also loved FF13 and FF13-2, and can't wait for Final Fantasy Lightning Returns.

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