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max to raw?
hi,i want to use cheat in god of war? i need to convert action replay code
to raw code.anybody know what software i need? plz help.

anther problem brother:I like "cadilacs and dinosours" also(actually
played many times when i was 10 or 15 somewhat).i have seen two
version of have normal version and in the other version, in some
certain place i can get some ammo with 20 number bullets.but it is 20 by vertue actually ammo gets i can provide u some the red marked location u can see "6 shot gun",right.But this is case of normal
when other version here i get "20 shot gun".when any ammo get 20,it become
inf.what is the point of this?i own this game with my console.i want this
game to my emulator in 20 ammo can i get this?

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hi,my first problem was maxconverter.but all codes are not

However,second problem also remain.anybody know how???????

edit:ya finally i got solved.

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