Poll: "Were there always this much people who just ask before even trying to understand the problem?"
Yes, always since forums exist
No , it's not much only seems that way
hmm... it increased over the years
Those questions only seem mindless from your perspective!!!
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mindless zombies...
this is the second forum in which I was the first not as ghost^^
and I've been asking my self lately:

"were there always this much people who just ask before even trying to understand the problem?"

this is not meant offensive but some people do not even read the error message and are already asking for immediate help Oo and that seems kinda mindless to me^^
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You mean the hit and run guys. They'll download an app, find out where the support forums are, and start asking.
Most often they'll have 3 threads opened before even starting the .exe once.
After you've helped them (and they still fail at getting stuff to run), they quickly give up and you never hear from them again.

Oh, and they'll all end their posts with "sry for bad engls is not my main language".
And if you noticed, it always gets worse when we make front-page news announcements, which is why we don't do more front-page news announcements. Wink
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Trust me,it has ALWAYS been this way (and will always be). Believe it or not the past years it's been WAY better than it used to be, I know by experience Tongue
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then you got the ones that you helped and then they go and say what you said was wrong, or when you help them they shove in your face you didn't do it correctly (had a few of those)
you talking bout some zombies but have you even heard bout caterpillar zombies?
watch till the end.
Zombie apocalypse is today.
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Yes and of course the repeat threads even if there is a thgread on the same page discussing the issue.

However I'm disappointed I expected to see the zombieland promo in here.

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If there was a way to turn this sort of post into a regex and insta-ban anyone who triggers it, forum life would benefit greatly.
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What those guys most do is a misleading thread subject.
Mostly the just say 'help me please', 'a big problem', 'etc', which is not specific and we must double check what his problem actually is.
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yes, that tends to get annoying. sometimes I look, other times I ignore it.

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