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multiple downloads in the win7 SP1 update
i want to update my laptop's win7(x64) win7-SP1(x64) manually so that i have a file back up

but there are 10 of them but w/c one of them is the priority
i have the rights because my win7 is a legit copy and as my attachment says upper-left "Genuine Microsoft Software"

and another reason i don't want automatic update it disturbs my internet like MMOs.

i think i'm eyeing this update file?????

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Yeah thats the one, the rest are additional things for it professionals i think (like they use them... lol)

Man, i've never had such an issue finding a redistributable version of windows 7 service pack 1.

Your other choice is turn off automatic updates and occasionally just run windows update from your start menu/blob, that will pick it up.
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I still use the Update Feature in the Windows Control Panel, but I don't tell it to Automatically Download and Install (let alone automatically download).
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