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need help overcloocking
this is not any normal ocing thread ( i googled )
this time i dont have the abbilty of ocing Ohmy
when i enter advanced chipset feature :
dram sessting
vram share memmory
nothing about ocing Closedeyes
searched the bios evrey letter didnt find any thing about ocing
amd over drive couldnt detect my chipset
what to do please help me pleaseSad

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What moterboard do you have?
well that is embarrassing well i will see msi live update when i updated my bios it gave me it name
about 5 minutes and i will see
note : before upgrading and after are the same
ms-7367 :
k9agm3-fd \k9a6m3-f
might be one of them but they have the same bios so it wouldnt matter
You should give up on the idea of overclock if you can't get verify your computer hardware.
ha ha ha
now any one have an idea

Is it AMD cpu ?
can you read my signture how ever it is amd athlon 64 2x 4200+
so yes it is amd cpu
and to prove it that you dont know how to read
(02-14-2011, 08:17 PM)abdo123 Wrote: amd over drive couldnt detect my chipset
you see AMD over drive ( it is an overclocking software ) only work on AMD cpus

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