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one suggestion why not make pcsx2 gui and opeation like epsxe the best psx emulator
that one was the best non touched the standards like epsxe.

i know i sound crazy but will that be possible

lots of plugins even pec playstation emulation cheater works at its best

no need to play games ever on hard psx that shows the features epsxe possess

sorry not challenging the pcsx2 emu i wish it could beat epxse

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What exactly is better in ePSXe compared to pcsx2.

Can you change your setting(any settings) at any time during gameplay
ePSXe - no
PCSX2 - yes

Both emulators need little configuration the first time you start them but since pcsx2(ps2)is much more complicated,you can't use certain settings for all games.

ePSXe have many plugins but most of them are not as good as the know plugins(P.E.Op.S\Pete for GPU and the build in or Ethernal Spu for sound).
The plugins that comes with pcsx2 are the best you can get.

ePSXe have PEC but with some external cheating program,can achieve the same result in pcsx2(you also have pnach system)
I'll take PCSX2 > ePSXe any day. The gui is much nicer and it's much easier to configure PCSX2.
Ew, no. I prefer PCSX2's minimal, easy, simple, fast GUI over Dolphin and ePSXe. I also hate how you can't change the controller plugin in ePSXe.
what about performance on minimal system config pcsx2 is very dependable on i core series cpus i have tested epsxe on p3 till p4d 3.4 ghz and found only performance issues gpu plugins when you dont have a good gpu even epsxe can emulate in software mode and the game works even on sis based useless on board vga in soft gpu plugins pcsx2 cant beat those in that area i am sure

having ps2 slim since 2006 and psx since 98 and still waiting for emulator like wgens sega mega dirve emu and neo rage the game smoothness and game play is almost flawless zsnes is even not enough

the complex the hardware the difficult to make hardware like emus for pc even neo rage cant draw proper pitch and run in super side kicks 2 3 4 some bug in mapping the pitch map in emu just a thought.
Dude, you really need to use periods and commas. That was difficult to read.
(02-03-2013, 09:50 PM)devina40 Wrote: Dude, you really need to use periods and commas. That was difficult to read.

hey give the guy some credit, he did have a period at the end of the comment xD

hmm that sounded wierd Wacko
trolling mode: ACTIVE!
No change in GUI is ever going to make the emu faster on old computers.
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I'm guessing something got lost in translation, there's no way anyone likes epsxe's GUI lol One of the reasons I stopped using it was because I got sick of having to quit a game just to change settings

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