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overclocking a cpu on dg41rq intel
how can it be done. a software for this motherboard or something else would be useful please.

sorry for my bad english iam lebaneseBlush but i will be betterBiggrin

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For very specific motherboard help... Google is your friend. There are hundreds of motherboards for each CPU type, it's quite unlikely you'll random run into someone on this forum with the exact same board.
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Be sure to read all the risk about overclocking as well. There are lots of cases where your system will overheat. There are also compatibility issues depending on your ram card, processor, etc.

yea, google it.
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nah, nothing found on google , i think this motherboard is unsuported for overclocking, thanx after all..
just get a new motherboard

maximus II /extreme or something like that

more expansive than regular boards but very good Smile
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already done.(look to sig)


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