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overclocking question
first off, i know that usually overclocking laptops is usually a bad idea due to overheating and such, but if i can i only want to bump it up by a small amount, maybe up to 2.4-2.5 max.

Basically, im running core temp atm, and its saying that the max my CPU can withstand is 90 degrees. Ive been running my CPU at pretty much full load for a while now and the most either or my cores have reached is 69 degrees.

I havent fully looked into it yet, but ive heard of a few way to overclock my CPU without going through the BIOS, or even possibly unlocking my BIOS.

what do you guys think would be a safe option, short of upgrading.
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not to OC
isn't 90 is your CPU dead temp Tongue

but about unlocking BIOS i am listening
what cpu is it. Most intel processors tjmax are 100 or 105, not 90c.

having the wrong tjmax selected also will cause the per core temps to be wrong as well.
my i3 340m is 90 tjmax Smile
but my i3 550 have 105
its a core 2 duo t6600.

as or the unlocking, ive heard about it being possible, but i havent fully looked into it, since i didnt want to really waste my time if even a minor increase would be too much. for the record, my laptop sits on a stand that can be adjusted for various angles, with a fan to help with cooling too.

i have also found that the t6600 has been overclocked to 2.9GHz in a laptop before too, and was supposedly stable, so hopefully i should be able to find a way to increase my speed. Id be perfectly happy with it just reaching 2.5GHz tbh.
[Image: jmt41l-2.png]
SSD: 250GB | HDD: 2TB | GPU: MSI GTX 970 4G Gaming
... And I'd be happy taking my T9600 from 2.8Ghz, to 2.93Ghz, but it can't be done. Sad

If there's no option in your BIOS, you're stuck with software OCing (not recommended). Thing is, with something like SetFSB, you'll also have to hope that your clock generator is compatible with the program.
do you know some good OCing SW Rezard ?Smile
that i would like to use
and i mean by nice that it is compatible with old mobos
I've never heard of any software that's 100% compatible with all clock generators (motherboards). SetFSB is probably the best. Just see if your clock generator is listed at the SetFSB site.

The developer(s) of said program would have to implement every single clock generator with the program, and it's not just as easy as getting the number and typing it in, either.
(08-19-2011, 06:55 PM)abdo123 Wrote: my i3 340m is 90 tjmax Smile
but my i3 550 have 105

notebooks have to keep under 95c tjmax.
and we are talking about PC right Tongue

wake up Squall he is OCing a L-A-P-T-O-P

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