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overlocking my gpu
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well i wanted to overlock my gpu i found that msi after burner is good
so is user manual is all what i have to read is there any tips warnings or anything
is upgrading my driver will give me better preformance ( beside overlocking)
and is there any software for overlocking cpu

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come on anything
first of all

what graphics card is it

there are ceratin tools that will work on some cards and not others
You find out your GPU maker and model and enter this + "overclock" into google search.
Read the guides and information you get from that.
9400 GT 1GB HDMI is2 my gpu
not much point overclocking your gpu becasue it will be bottlenecked by your cpu

a better idea will be to upgrade cpu


Yes, that means you should read those guides / forum posts yourself.
Overclocking needs understanding.
You cannot simply ask here and get a 3 step todo!

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