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pcsx help
so at one point i was ably to play Chrono Cross JUST FINE on the emulator for like 3 days then it starts running like s*** know idea why for some reason i cant maintain 59.9 FPS
any ideas?
running athalon 2.0 dual core
raddion 4200 hd card
4 gig ram

like i said at ont point i had the game running perfectly thx

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Maybe something changed in the configuration.

Here is not the forum for PCSX but it's OK to ask, anyone knowing how to help will do I suppose. But the information provided is not enough to help understanding what went wrong.

(my car is not working well today, what is wrong with it? yesterday it did work fine)

Maybe you just entered a specially demanding point in the game... try playing a bit more and see if the performance return to what you had before. Reducing a bit the graphics quality may have overall improvement in that performance in a global scale.
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