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please help me???
hey everyone i am going to buy a new cpu just for playing pcsx2 games mainly wwe smackdown vs raw 2008 please suggest me a config

i do not need monitor
only the foll are needed

Processor Ram Graphics motherboard Hdd

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a 2.8 or higher processor (dual, intel preferable)
4gb of ram, for stability
at least an Nivdia 8600GT or its equivalent.

no idea aboyt mobo, and hard drive, as much as you want
i have seen one of my frnd playing that game.saiki is almost right
but not necessary u must have 8600 or above.8series is enough i think.
my frnd have 8500gt.bye
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8400 is a bottleneck, and a major one. it MUST be an 8600 or higher (I own an 8400, so yes, I know what I'm talking about, I bought an 8600 after I found the bottlenecking in the 8400, now everything runs fine)
A geforce 9600gt would be fine i guess.
Try You can compare motherboards and the like. Just make sure they are compatible with each other. ie mobo for intel with intel chip vs mobo for amd for amd chip....etc. Vid card for pci or pci 16 or such
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I7 940
LG Br-dvd
1.5 TB HD total
Corsair Mem 1600Mhz 6Gb
Radeon HD4870 1 GB
Gigabyte Ga-ex58-ud5
1.1Kw psu

gpu with highest shader clock you can get with your budget is..
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for CPU get the E8xxx or higher you will get the advantage SSSE3 or SSE4.1 in addition the LGA775 mobo that C2D is needed(don't go for AMD)
for GPU a higher shader clock as ardhi said so in addition w/ an attribute of GDDR3 or higher and 128-bit or higher bandwidth..
for HDD it's up to you.
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