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plz answer to this persona 3 question
hello everyone

I recenlty bought persona 3 fes (pal version).

The game runs fine(i selected the answer story mode)

My question is the following.I have beaten the original persona 3(not fes).

Are there any extra contents in the journey story mode that are related to the answer story mode and don't appear in the original persona 3?

Plz answer.Sorry for my bad english.

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There are several new persona, a couple new side arcs, a few changes to the story, new outfits for in battle, and being able to date elizabeth from the velvet room. Nothing that warrants a new play through, but worthy additions if you were going to play again anyways.
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So,if i am going to play the answer directly without repeating the journey i won't miss anything that is related to the storyline of the answer?
No, if you've already beaten the journey on a normal Persona 3 game, you won't have missed any story relating to the answer. The stuff included in FES version of Journey was more just little bonuses, nothing involving the story.
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bit offtopic but... is it possible to play P3:FES with newgame+ save from normal P3 ?
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Yes, it is possible.

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