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problem with ati catalyst 10.8
after i installed new ati catalyst (10.8) , it caused FPS drop about 5 - 15 fps , compared with ati catalyst (10.7).
tested on dragon quest VIII

Plug-in used :
[Image: plugin.jpg]

speed hack is turned off.
when speed hack is turned on , it still has FPS drop about 5 - 10 , compared with ati catalyst (10.7). with same config in speed hack

spec :
proc athlon II x2 250+ @3.4ghz
vga HD 4850 1gb
ram 3gb

anyone have the same problem ??

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Try rolling back to old drivers and see if you still get the same results. If anything make a full uninstall of the drivers and delete the remnants with the drivercleaner/driversweeper progerams.

Moved to hardware/software discussion... doesn't seem like a PCSX2 problem unless you changed settings...
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yeah i already rollingback to my old driver (10.7) before i made this thread. the result is i got better FPS with ati catalyst 10.7 than 10.8.

sorry for placed this thread at wrong place.
btw thanks
It's what you'd expect from ATI and their reputation of fail drivers, another reason why I never buy ATI gpus.
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That's your opinion frosty, I never ever had any issues with the Catalyst drivers it works just fine for me.
I am still on Catalyst 10.5. I am very picky when I upgrade GPU drivers from ATI. You never know what will break.
Well, the same goes for the forceware 258.96, I had to rollback it to 257.21 because the newer causes the mouse and keyboard to hang in Fallout 3 (and maybe some others applications, who knows?).

There are always some dangers lurking in the background for 'older' applications, I hope the issue is corrected in the next driver.
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I have no problems with 258.96 at all.
[Image: 1454055.png]
You know 10 fps is not a big deal. Ati 10.5 to 10.8 have broken opengl... need by linux user.

Anyway, I thinks it is normal that the frame rate could drop between 2 versions. They surely do not use PCSX2 as a performance test (unfortunately for us), and do optimization for the standard games on the market (aka games run on hardware site). Same for nvidia by the way.
Quote:I have no problems with 258.96 at all.
All the better for you, still it breaks fallout 3 already, I didn't test it with anything else, it's enough Fallout is the game I'm replaying (with a new mods setting) just now Smile

Edit: it does it "consistently", it's not a single hang and I freaked out. The symptom is clear too, the mouse and keyboard becomes irresponsible for the game. If the character is moving it continues as the W key is kept pressed, no key is accepted anymore and no mouse input by what it matters. Still windows can intercept the Control Alt Delete which allows to kill the application.

The fact it's occurs only with 258.96, occurs consistently within few game moments and occurs only for this driver with the same save game (with any of the saved games actually)... what should I conclude from that?
Imagination is where we are truly real

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