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problem with tv
i found a poloroid hdtv 37in on the side of the road * i wouldnt be able too live with my self if i didnt at least try too see whats wrong and fix it*

i brought it home and it had been rained on so i stuck a fan on it and waited about 3-4hrs
i turned it on and it works it came on saying poloroid with a big logo and everything.

the only thing wrong with it is the audio makes a loud tone
so i took a small tv and did a few tricks with some cables i got at radio shaq and now the audio comes through the small tv so problem solved *but im still curiose about it*

my second problem is i have it hooked up too my ps3
it goes too 1080i but after 2 seconds the screen will be green with strait lines running up and down it.
720p works great but it has white dots around images and objects on videos some times its pretty noticable and sometimes its not nticable at all depending on the picture or scene.
480p runs perfect no lines no dots.
and yes the ps3 is set too hdmi.

why is this? *besides the fact that it was sitting out in the rain, ive googled this problem and other people have had it*
i have tried 2 hdmi cables one was 3ft long the other was 6ft and gold plated and still didnt fix the dots.

i have too keep restarting my ps3 at least 30 times until the dots start clearing up. and if i turn my tv off then the dots come back.
long ago in a distant city, i batman defender of gotham unleashed an unspeakable order. but a foolish clown wielding a menasing laugh steped forth too opose me.

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Your obstinacy with the TV is interesting.Why don't you take help from a professional who can look closely into the matter and fix the problem in the right way?Try it.It will save efforts.

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