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ps2 black screen
i have a problem(like everyone this world),when i switch my tv to av that i have connected the ps2 and the ps2 is off,the screen is blue,when i open it it becomes black,nothing else,no sound(from tv,cuz ps2 sounds like normal),no graphics,just black,i have checked all the wires.also my console is modded with matrix infinity (maybe modbo i'm not sure).

$0®®¥ ƒ0® |\/|¥ 1337 3|\|9£1$|-|!

(sorry for my 1337 english!)

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try a different tv, then maybe a different cable.

if that doesnt change anything, maybe your hardware is bad.
CPU : i7 4930k @ 4.0GHz
RAM : Corsair Vengeance 8x8GB 1603MHz 1.60v
GPU : Asus R9 290X 4GB
MOBO: Asus Rampage Extreme IV
OSYS: Windows 10 Pro

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