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ps2 converter on win 7 64 bit
hi, i previously used the trio linker to connect my ps2 controller to the my comp, but now that i have windows 7 64 bit it no longer works. Is there a way to get it to work with it or do any of you know of a converter that works with windows 7 64 bit?

thank you.

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does it work in VISTA 64bit?
i have no idea, i came from windows xp 32 bit, and it worked.
look for a VISTA 64bit driver, if one doesn't exist you're out of luck
the only 64 bit driver they have is an xp one, which ive tried and doesnt' work. Is there any other controller to usb converters that would work? Also, in the control panel in windows 7 it does show that a contoller is connected (has the big icon), and the controller itself is powered, it just isn't recognizing it in the joystick configuration menu. Any thoughts on that or any other converters available?
no idea, I use a logitech rumblepad2

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