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ps2 games like xenosaga
i did a few searches on the forum but cudn't find anything so i'm just going to ask.

can any one tell me of any games that are like the xenosaga games story wise?

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Let's see, if what you mean by story, is quality to the story, then I would recommend the Dark Cloud Games, Silent Hill's usually have pretty good ones, though you have to think on them a little, the .Hack// games have pretty good stories. Fatal Frames are excellent.
ah yes i've played all the .hack games first thing i did when i got pcsx2. can u tell me what dark cloud is like game play wise
Well, it's kinda heavy on the dungeon crawling aspect. You go into the dungeon, each of which is randomly generated. you get items that let you build towns from a top down perspective about half way through the second chapter, you can upgrade your weapons by synthesizing items and other weapons into them. you can recruit other character that give you bonuses and benefits depending on what your doing. It has a R&D type thing where you take pictures of different objects and can use them as ideas to build new things. Oh, and there's a robot you can customize.
i take it town building is a big part of the game?
One that most resembles Xenosaga is Star Ocean 3 (Till End of Time). It has good story, good combat system and that craft system which can make a difference.

There are many RPG games with reasonable to good story for PS2 but the above may please you since you liked Xenosaga.
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(11-27-2012, 10:26 PM)gotenksssj22002 Wrote: i take it town building is a big part of the game?

Yeah, it's a pretty big part. You can listen to peoples requests on how they want it, and if you do it exactly like they want, you can get a really good item.
yes good one alrdy playing it though its story hasn't done for me what xenosaga did for me which was make me want to play it just for the story its a shame how they didn't do the rest of the games i feel like i'm missing half the story with it
Oh, I know. I mean, we got an ok ending, but the fact that they kind of tried to shove 3-4 games into one for the last one was kinda, wait, why are they doing this?
yeah but i found the ending was great for that episode but the fact that they leave off losely for a 4th game made me want to find a way to found out what the story wud be for the next one but another shame no game plot for a 4th game was released.

i have to say though out of all the rpgs i've played xenosaga has been the most refreshing and most indepth story i've ever played i don't see how it floped like it did but i'll admit they droped the ball with the battle system in the second game but it was fixed in the 3rd and made aton better i wud put it on par with ffx which i love for its story based game play too many rpgs now are just introduction and then leveling up for a while which i don't mind if theirs story to go with the leveling up makes it worth while for me

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